Ltd. "Ukrenergokonsalting" has contractual relationships with the following companies of Ukraine, namely:



In addition, Ltd. "Ukrenergokonsalting" within the framework of the celled agreements co-operated and co-operates from NKRE, JSC "UIFK", SE "DONORGRES", corporation of "DPEK", by three ore mining and processing combines and isolated all subsections of Ukrzaliznica, PJSC "Poltavaoblenergo", JSC "Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo", PJSC "Volineblenergo", PJSC "Khmel'nickoblenergo", JSC "Odesaoblenergo", PJSC "PC "Khersonoblenergo", PJSC PC "Zhitomiroblenergo", SA "Kharkivoblenergo", PJSC "Mikolaivoblenergo", PJSC "A.E.S. Kiivoblenergo", SE "Ukrenergovugillya", PJSC «DTEK PEM-Energovugillya", Ltd. "Service-Invest", JSCC "EY-I-ES Rivneenergo", PJSC "Sumioblenergo", PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo", PJSC "Doneckoblenergo", PJSC "Vinnicyaoblenergo", PJSC "PC Chernivcioblenergo",  PJSC "Kirovogradoblenergo", PJSC PC "Sevastopol'energo", PJSC "Dniprooblenergo", Ltd. "Lugansk energetychne obednannya", DTGO the "South-west railway", PJSC "Cherkasioblenergo", Ltd. NVP "Energy-Novoyavorivsk", PJSC  "Zakarpattyaoblenergo", PJSC "East-Crimean EC", SA "Kiivenergo" and row of other users of electric power.